The Legend of the Phoenix (volume 1): Dark Aura

Die Legende des Phönix, Band 1: Dunkelaura

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  • An urban fantasy romance with a strong heroine and forbidden love

  • Volume 2 will be published in spring 2024
416 pp 16 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 16.99 June 2023 Softcover 978-3-473-40228-1


Ever since her mother disappeared, Eden has carried the full responsibility for her father, whose paranoia is growing more and more intense and disturbing. But is it possible that she, too, is slowly but surely losing her mind? For a while now the young woman has been noticing strange figures following her through the streets of San Francisco. When one of them attacks Eden, help arrives at the last second: Kane, Lennox, Aaron and Tory, who reveal to her that they are Phoenix Warriors and have the ability to fight with light and fire — just like Eden herself. They have come to help her learn to use her powers. Since Eden has a nagging suspicion that her father’s illness has something to do with this, she agrees and follows them to their headquarters in Sequoia National Park. While she is going through training, she feels increasingly drawn to the abrasive Kane, but although the undeniable attraction between them grows stronger every day, Kane continually pushes her away. There is something in his past that he is not telling her… Eden dives into researching the legend of the phoenix, which says that the Phoenix Warriors gained their power through the feathers of a lost phoenix, who was burned once and for all while fighting a dark enemy. But then the headquarters is attacked, and Eden’s father, who had followed her, dies in the fight. In her grief, Eden swears to fight their enemies and forget about Kane once and for all.