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Florence Roux
Head of Foreign Rights

English rights worldwide
French rights worldwide
Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries

Film rights worldwide
Merchandising rights worldwide

+49 (0) 751 – 86 – 12 40


Lucía Borrero
Sales Manager Foreign Rights

Portuguese rights worldwide
Spanish rights worldwide
Baltic States, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

+49 (0) 751 – 86 – 12 41


Maike Heinemann
Sales Manager Foreign Rights

Africa, Middle East & Turkey
Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia

German audio and theater rights.

+49 (0) 751 – 86 – 11 22


Nadine Alapa’i
Foreign Rights Specialist

Foreign Rights Marketing
Co-Edition Handling (Delivery, Invoicing, etc.)

+49 (0) 751 – 86 – 15 34



Hedi Gnädinger Children’s Books

Hercules Business & Culture GmbH (exklusiv)
Herr Hongjun Cai

Japan Uni Agency
Ms. Maiko Fujinaga

Eric Yang Agency
Sue Yang

AKF Agency
Anna Kolendarska-Fidyk

Marilena Iovu Literary Agency

Maria Schliesser Literaturagentur

Ravensburger Verlag


Ravensburger Verlag publishes books for young readers of all ages. With the blue triangle logo guaranteeing high quality products, the program includes picture books for the very small, first reading books for beginner readers, novels for young readers and non-fiction books for children. We publish around 400 books a year and altogether more than 1900 titles are available.

Ravensburger books are fun to read and look at, stimulate the imagination and promote child development. This starts with the ministeps® series for the very small, continues via committed books for young readers of all ages, and extends right up to children’s encyclopedias and non-fiction titles. We attach particular value to content and the material quality of our books.

More information about the company and its history can be found here.