Happy, Sad, Angry, Glad

ministeps: Glücklich, traurig, wütend, froh

  • Important topic from children’s everyday lives: “Feelings”
  • Sturdy slider effects change the feelings in the scenes
  • Supports emotional development
12 pp 18 months + 19 x 19 cm EUR 12.99 December 2020 Board Book 978-3-473-39733-4 • With sliders.


Children’s feelings can change in a flash. A moment ago, Finn and Hannah were happily drawing, but when Finn’s picture tears, he’s really upset! Luckily, Hannah manages to put the picture back together and Finn is happy again. At the public pool, Pelle is sitting on the edge of the pool, feeling a bit apprehensive. But he finally ventures into the water with Dad. Pretty brave of Pelle! These and many other little scenes from the everyday experience of young children invite them to use the sliders to change the images and thus the feelings. Why is the child in the book sad? Why is another child happy? By looking at the images together, reading the texts and using the sliders to change the images, children playfully familiarise themselves with the various emotions and learn to talk about them. This is important both for young children’s development and the bond between parents and children.

The Author

Sandra Grimm began her career as an editor and is now a freelance author. Her background as a certified teacher offers a sound basis for her books for children and teenagers. She has three young children with whom she can test all her fun ideas.

The Illustrator

Susanne Szesny was born in 1965. She studied visual communication in Münster and received a diploma in design. After her studies, she worked freelance as an illustrator of games books, board books and picture books. In her opinion, a book should transport an inner value (a message, a teaching) and be a source of inspiration for children and adults equally. With her pictures she tries to build a bridge between the emotional worlds of children and adults.