Night of Crowns (Vol. 1): Play for your Destiny

Night of Crowns, Band 1: Spiel um dein Schicksal

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  • Sizzlingly dangerous urban romantasy
  • The students of two hostile elite boarding schools face each other as chess pieces in a magic game.
  • An eternal game of love and death.
480 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 15.99 January 2020 Softcover 978-3-473-58567-0


Ever since a wanton crime of passion, a centuries-old, impregnable curse has lain over the manors of Chesterfield and St. Burrington. A curse that reveals its effects whenever a male heir is born in both houses in the same year. Two heirs who must face each other in the forest between the noble houses on a cursed playing field.
However, there haven’t been two heirs and thus no matches for decades, and both Chesterfield and St. Burrington have become renowned boarding schools. When Alice Salt arrives in Chesterfield for a summer school, she has no idea that a new match is imminent. The Chesterfield students as the white chess pieces fight against the black pieces from St. Burrington. And Alice has a very special role in this contest – she is a slave and can replace any captured piece – on either side.
While players are being captured and turned into stone play by play, Alice and the white king Vincent become increasingly close – until Alice is forced to change sides against her will and realises that the black side pursues a different goal from the white one – namely, to break the curse rather than finish the match come what may. In addition, it gradually turns out that Vincent isn’t who Alice thought he was. Instead, she and Jack, the black king, become closer and there’s a lot of chemistry between them. However, Alice keeps being haunted by confusing visions she only slowly begins to understand. Apparently, there is a way to break the curse, for there is a second slave no one knows about. At the end of volume 1, Alice leaves the schools/the playing field in order to search for the second slave.

About the Series

An impregnable curse has lain over the noble houses of Chesterfield and St. Burrington for centuries – and even though the manors have long since been turned into boarding schools, the curse hasn't lifted. Alice doesn't know about any of this when she comes to Chesterfield for a summer school. But when she discovers a fellow student turned into stone in the forest and the symbol of a chess piece appears on her wrist, she finds herself occupying a very special role in a magic game of love and death.

The Author

Stella Tack, born in 1995, trained as a therapist after finishing school. Her passion for mystical wizards, impish fairies, depressive vampires, adventurous time travelers, sexy demons and bad boys motivated her to have a go at the keyboard herself. With a little luck, a lot of fun, and a big dose of self-deprecation, she has been writing her own sizzling love stories and action-packed romantic fantasy material ever since, and eventually found an enthusiastic readership. You can learn more about her latest projects and the author’s lively writing and family life at, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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