Where Are You, Little Penguin? With large tactile flaps

Wo bist du, kleiner Pinguin?

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  • Whether it’s a polar bear, a reindeer or a penguin – fascinating animals are hiding behind the tactile flaps made from thick fabric. A fun question-and-answer game rouses children’s curiosity and playfully supports language acquisition!

  • For babies 12 months and over
  • Features five large, cuddly soft fabric flaps
  • Handy format, ideal for on the go
12 pp 12 months + 13 x 13 cm EUR 7.99 April 2023 Board Book 978-3-473-41841-1 • With textile flaps.


This very first fabric flap book invites children 12 months and over to find out. Each of the five double pages features a large fabric flap that inspires children to touch and explore. All kinds of fascinating animals are hiding behind them: the whale is playing with the fishes. The polar bear is splashing around in the water. The reindeer is hiding in the bushes and the seal is lying on the beach. And the little penguin? It’s cuddling with Mum and Dad. This cardboard picture book is tailored towards children’s small hands and can withstand even energetic grabbing, allowing children’s fine motor skills to gradually develop. In addition, thanks to its compact format, this book fits into any handbag or diaper bag, ideal for on the go!

About the Series

Each of these little books is an entertaining search game for very young children, casually training their fine motor skills and teaching them to recognise and name their favorite animals. Each of the five double pages features a large die-cut flap on the right-hand side, made from a felt-like fabric. Behind these flaps, animals are hiding.

The Illustrator

Naples is my city. This is where I live, this is where I used to fill sheets, notebooks and diaries with my drawings when I was a child. After studying architecture, I realised that what I liked a lot more than straight lines and square corners was curved, soft pencil strokes, a magic wand that was capable of narrating my imagination in a blank space. These days, illustrating texts for children is my job; paper and pencil have given way to tablet and digital pen, but the passion and the feeling are still the same.