Horse Whisperer Academy (Vol. 6): Calypso’s Foal

Pferdeflüsterer-Academy, Band 6: Calypsos Fohlen

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  • Two best friends love the same boy
  • Deeply moving stories about horses and their riders
224 pp 10 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 11.99 March 2020 Hardcover 978-3-473-40455-1 • With soft touch foil and relief lacquer.


Since her mare Calypso has fallen pregnant, cold-hearted acting headmaster Ellen de Cesco has suddenly been showing her softer side. She has even hired a doctor for Calypso. He teaches classes in western riding on the side, but is this cool guy really who he claims to be? By chance, Zoe discovers someone breaking into Calypso’s stable and learns that Mrs. de Cesco is receiving threats in the mail. Someone is planning to kill Calypso’s unborn foal! One night, the mare is in labour and neither Ellen de Cesco nor the doctor can be roused, so Zoe stays with the mare during the birth. But when she is finally able to lead Ellen de Cesco to mother and baby in the morning, the foal has disappeared!
Zoe and her friends comb through the forest and find the true kidnapper: a former student who was forced to leave the boarding school two weeks ago because Mrs. de Cesco kicked her out. She now wants to take revenge and kill the foal in front of the teacher. A plan that fails, thanks to Zoe.

About the Series

Deep in the Canadian wilderness is a special school, Snowfields, where the best riders in the world are trained and deeply wounded souls are healed, horses and humans alike. Thirteen-year-old Zoe has the potential to become a horse whisperer, and has a great deal to learn about herself as she trains at the Horse Whisperer Academy, as well.

The Author

Gina Mayer was born in Ellwangen, Germany, in 1965, and studied graphic design. She lives with her husband and two children in Düsseldorf, where she works as an advertising copywriter in addition to writing books for teens and adults.

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