Your Best Friend? That’s you!

Dein bester Freund? Bist du!

  • Checklists, tests and thought experiments invite teenagers to get to know themselves better – and to become their own best friends!

  • The ideal companion for puberty
  • An invitation for teenagers to get to know themselves better
  • Casual and easy-going thanks to funny illustrations
128 pp 10 years + 17,5 x 24 cm EUR 9.99 January 2021 Softcover 978-3-473-55532-1


Stressed at school, unhappy with how they look and fed up with their parents – the difficult combination of performance pressure at school and the onset of puberty can be tricky for many teenagers. Is there anything that helps? Maybe it’s this book! It explains to boys and girls how to become more mindful and balanced. How to learn to accept themselves. The texts are informative and entertaining. Many pages feature inspirational quotes or novel activity suggestions: for example, a “griping diet” and a “happiness bingo”; relaxation exercises; many pages to fill in that inspire boys and girls to reflect, or a checklist of digital time-eaters. Readers can even award themselves medals for their positive qualities. After all, this is an activity book as much as an encouragement book. Boys and girls realise: I’m fine the way I am!

The Author

Dela Kienle is a freelance journalist. After studying in Bonn, Florence and Rome, she studied journalism and has written for the magazines GEOlino, Nido and Neon, among others. She lives in the Netherlands with her Italian husband and their two children.

The Illustrator

Horst Hellmeier doesn't want to imagine a life without green tea and his favourite plant is the camellia or tea plant. Since his studies at the university for applied science in Hamburg, he's been illustrating children's books. He lives together with his girlfriend in Vienna. They share their apartment with cactus and jade plants which are very pleasant and uncomplicated roommates.

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