Kiss the Bodyguard (Vol. 1): Kiss Me Once

Kiss Me Once - Kiss The Bodyguard, Band 1

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  • A light, humorous story about love, breaking free of constraints, and new friendships
  • Over 100.000 copies sold in Germany of the KISS THE BODYGUARD
512 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 15.99 May 2019 Softcover 978-3-473-58555-7


Ivy, daughter of a businessman from a wealthy family, is determined to go to a public university. Finally, to be free and feel completely normal! Her father doesn’t think much of the idea, however, and sends a chaperone to keep an eye on her: Ryan. Ivy doesn’t know anything about this at first, and so their first encounter is coincidental. The attraction between them is immediately palpable, but neither of them knows about the other.
Ryan can’t show his feelings because that would not only bring Ivy in grave danger, but also cost Ryan his job. But when the pretty boy Alex puts the moves on Ivy, Ryan can’t suppress his emotions anymore.

He and Ivy become closer and closer, and every touch literally causes sparks to fly – until Ivy is attacked and Ryan is badly injured.

After Ryan wakes up in the hospital, Ivy decides it would be better if they didn’t see each other again and returns to her parents. The separation is difficult for both of them. Finally, Ivy enrolls at a university in Canada. Ryan decides to fight for Ivy. The evening of their benefit gala, Ryan is assigned to be Ivy’s guard. They have a chance to talk things through and get back together. Ivy admits to her father that she and Ryan are a couple, and they want to go to Canada. Her father tries to continue pressuring her and cuts her off from his financial support. Ivy and Ryan go to Canada nonetheless, where they are happy together.

The Author

Stella Tack, born in 1995, trained as a therapist after finishing school. Her passion for mystical wizards, impish fairies, depressive vampires, adventurous time travelers, sexy demons and bad boys motivated her to have a go at the keyboard herself. With a little luck, a lot of fun, and a big dose of self-deprecation, she has been writing her own sizzling love stories and action-packed romantic fantasy material ever since, and eventually found an enthusiastic readership. You can learn more about her latest projects and the author’s lively writing and family life at, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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Czech, Russian (worldwide)