At the Kindergarten: Cutting and GluingI can do everything myself!

Im Kindergarten: Schneiden und Kleben

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80 pp 4 years + 17 x 17 cm EUR 5.- January 2019 Block 978-3-473-41589-2

About the Series

These cheerful, colorful blocks make the hearts of kindergarten children beat faster. They can learn colors, forms and counting with the merry animal gang, train their perception and practice the use of scissors and glue. Every task is limited to one page. The tasks are self-explanatory, allowing children to get their bearings without any help and do everything by themselves, just like the grown-ups do.

The Author

Kirstin Jebautzke is a trained elementary and secondary school teacher for English and other subjects. After an extended period of studying in the US, she worked first at a school and then for a textbook publisher for many years. These experiences mean she knows exactly what elementary school children need in terms of theory and practice to learn English properly. In 2010, she decided to go freelance, opening her own editorial office, and has since been working as a writer of teaching materials with a focus on English, particularly for elementary schools. She also edits textbooks and specialist magazines on the subject.