Rabbit Hibiscus and the Big Fight

Hase Hibiskus und der große Streit

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  • With lots of humour, this picture book shows little squabblers how absurd and pointless squabbles usually are.

  • The third adventure with Rabbit Hibiscus and his friends
  • A fight among best friends
  • Illustrated with lots of humour by successful illustrator Günther Jakobs
32 pp 3 years + 21,5 x 30 cm EUR 14.99 January 2021 Hardcover 978-3-473-46018-2


Rabbit Hibiscus and Maxi Mouse are best friends. But today, the two of them are having a massive fight! They are baking a cake, but they are annoyed the entire time, losing sight of the cake batter that is getting smaller and smaller because Tom Bear keeps pinching bits and pieces. In the end, they’re left with a teeny-tiny cake! At least they’re sharing it equally. And what were the two of them fighting about? Hmmm, nobody quite knows, but then, it doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that the two of them are best friends again!

About the Series

Rabbit Hibiscus, Maxi Mouse and Tom Bear are best friends. Their picture book adventures take us along into their colorful everyday lives and show young readers ages 3 and over that nothing can drive true friends apart. The stories are characterised by a large dose of humour, making reading them aloud truly enjoyable for both young listeners and adult readers. Günther Jakobs brings these funny stories by Andreas König to life in loving detail, with lots of color and a great sense of humour. Previously published by Ravensburger Verlag: “Rabbit Hibiscus and the Carrot Thief”, “Rabbit Hibiscus and the Best Friends in the World” and “Rabbit Hibiscus and the Big Fight”.

The Author

Andreas König, born in the Eifel in 1974, grew up in Ahrweiler, then slowly worked his way down the Rhine. Brief professional interlude in Geneva after studying in Bonn and Cologne. He soon recalled his Rhenish roots and started working for BBDO (advertising and marketing) in Düsseldorf. The father of two later decided to work in education and now teaches at a school in Düsseldorf. Andreas König lives in Neuss and loves reading books to his son and daughter and making up stories together. He has been writing texts for children’s books since 2013.

The Illustrator

Günther Jakobs, born in 1978, studied design in Münster, Germany. He has been a freelance illustrator since 2004 and has already decorated numerous children's books with his drawings. Günther Jakobs lives and works in Münster.

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