My Favourite Finger Puppet Book: Hello, Little Rabbit!

Mein liebstes Fingerpuppenbuch: Hallo, kleiner Hase!

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12 pp 18 months + 13 x 13 cm EUR 9.99 November 2020 Board Book 978-3-473-43897-6 • Finger play book.


Five double pages with short rhymes tell the story of the little rabbit’s adventures, playfully enhancing children's vocabulary: it plays hide-and-seek in the clover with its friends, visits the frog in the big pond and goes to see the hamster in the wheat field. Together with the mouse and the bee, it harvests a particularly large carrot, and when the little rabbit is tired in the evening, it falls into its soft straw bed. Sleep tight, little rabbit!

About the Series

Short rhymes playfully enhance children's vocabulary, inspire them to touch, feel and understand and promote the fine motor skills of the very little ones. A sturdy finger puppet is attached to the last page of the book. Through peepholes on each page, the head of the finger puppet can be moved in every image. Convenient feature: The finger puppet can be hidden inside the book, making the book easy to place onto the shelf and save space by putting it away.

The Author

Bernd Penners, born in 1958, is an elementary school teacher and is still engaged in this career with great enthusiasm. With his books he would like to make children smile and show that it's a good idea to not always take things super seriously.

The Illustrator

Christine Faust studied the design of games and educational materials, and logically should be creating toys. But because she would much rather draw (and can sit still while doing it), she illustrates children’s games and books. In addition, she works in film and television animation.