Luna Wunderwald (Vol. 1): A Key in an Owl’s Beak

Luna Wunderwald, Band 1: Ein Schlüssel im Eulenschnabel

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192 pp 8 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 11.99 February 2018 Hardcover 978-3-473-40350-9


Luna Wunderwald’s new home lies deep in the forest, where the ground is covered in moss and the sun paints rings in the trees’ foliage. In a secret attic space she finds a magical flute that has amazing powers: when she plays it, she can communicate with the forest animals. Will she be able to save the white deer Arto from poachers? By keeping her wits about her, and with the help of many other animals, she can do it.

About the Series

The Luna Wunderwald series takes place in a magnificent location: in the middle of the forest. The heroine Luna has been chosen to play a magical flute that allows her to communicate with the forest animals. She comes to their rescue when an animal is in danger or needs help. The stories combine magical realism with environmental themes for girls 8 and up.

The Author

Usch Luhn grew up in Austria. She studied communication studies in Berlin, trained as a screenwriter and film dramaturge, and has many years experience working in radio and children’s television. The author has written more than 30 books, many of which have been translated into other languages.

The Illustrator

Lisa Brenner does not have a magical flute, but has been creating magic with pencil and pen since her childhood in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Since earning her degree in communication design, she has to take care that she has enough time for walks through the forest. She usually has so much to do that the barn owls have offered to help her out during the nighttime.

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