Dragon Ninjas (Vol. 1): The Dragon of the Mountains

Dragon Ninjas, Band 1: Der Drache der Berge

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  • A fantastic adventure with lots of humour for passionate readers 8 years and over
  • Uncluttered layout, ragged margin, minimal hyphenations – ideal for boys with mild reading difficulties in particular!
  • For all Lego Ninjago fans
224 pp 8 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 11.99 February 2020 Hardcover 978-3-473-40518-3


On his tenth birthday, Lian Flemming finds out that he is a Dragonblood – a descendant of the great guardian dragons of Ninja mythology. However, the evil dragon O-Gonsho gets wind of this as well and sends out his loyal Tiger Ninjas to capture Lian. Only with the help of a Dragonblood will O-Gonsho be able to track down the four magic weapons of the Ninja clans, the Bu-shu-kai – and he needs those in order to use their united power to subjugate the entire world.
But before the Tiger Ninjas can catch Lian, he is saved by Sui and Pepp and brought to the Ninja boarding school of Chipanea. From now on, Lian shares a room with Pepp – the “Dragon Pad” – and participates in daily instruction at Chipanea under the supervision of wise Sensei Sun, studying sword fighting as well as camouflaging, sneaking and climbing techniques and the secret martial art of the Dragon Ninjas, Ninjufu. All this will prepare Lian to become a trained Dragon Ninja and search for the four magic Ninja weapons to reunite them one day.
But the evil dragon O-Gonsho’s Tiger Ninjas haven’t given up after the setback of Lian’s escape. They are now searching for the guardian dragon Tetsu-Ryu, the Dragon of the Mountains who guards one of the four weapons: the magic sword Katana-O. To beat O-Gonsho to it, Lian, Pepp and Sui decide on the spot to start looking as well. After they have found and fought for the sword, they return to the boarding school. However, they don’t get a chance to rest: The Tiger Ninjas are attacking! Sui, Pepp and all their classmates and teachers fight bravely, but only when Lian uses Katana-O to ask the Dragon of the Mountains for help, the battle turns and the Tiger Ninjas flee. Lian is happy: He has brought the first Ninja weapon back to safety in Chipanea! Three more to go.

About the Series

The evil dragon O-Gonsho plans to gain possession of the four magic weapons of the Ninjas so he can use their power to take over the world. Naturally, the students of the secret Ninja boarding school of Chipanea must prevent that from happening at any cost! Together, the three friends Lian, Sui and Pepp set out on an adventurous search for these weapons. But O-Gonsho is hard on their heels.

The Author

Michael Petrowitz, born in Berlin in 1972, earned a degree from the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb). Since 2000 he has been a freelance screenwriter, and since 2008 he has also taught screenplay writing/dramaturgy. He was awarded the Robert Geisendörfer Prize in the children’s television category in 2005. Michael Petrowitz lives in Berlin.

The Illustrator

Marek Bláha has been working as a freelance illustrator for board games, children’s and young adult books as well as textbooks since 2009. Amongst his role models are Franquin, Bill Watterson, José Luis Munuera and Francisco Herrera. A hobby streamer, he runs a small channel that usually revolves around drawing. He also has a thing for unusual bicycles.