Why? Why? Why? (Vol. 3): All About the Farm

Wieso? Weshalb? Warum?, Band 3: Alles über den Bauernhof

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  • The farm volume completely reworked: new research, new concept and new illustrations

  • The WWW series has sold over 11 million copies in Germany
  • WWW has been translated into 20 other languages
  • With creative interactive elements, perfect for young, curious minds
16 pp 4 years + 24,5 x 27,8 cm EUR 14.99 January 2015 Wire-O 978-3-473-32896-3 • With flaps and half-punchings.


Visiting cows, chickens and pigs in their pens or sheep and goats while they graze all go to show that farmers have their hands full from morning to night. Machines help with work in the stable and on the fields, from the electric stall cleaner and automatic milking machines to a high tech combine harvester. This volume also introduces the unique characteristics of an organic farm. Realistic and informative, this book gives children a glimpse into the life and workings of a modern farm.

About the Series

The WWW series stands out for its playful, enticing way of conveying just the information that kids want to know. Centered on who-what-how questions, the titles in the series explore subjects of great interest to young children. The thousands of questions children ask daily are answered by means of interactive elements, engaging illustrations, and age-appropriate texts. Because the lively illustrations convey so much, the books hold children's interest even without an adult to read the clear, friendly texts. WWW is ideally suited for preschool and kindergarten ages, for children 4 to 7 years old.

The Author

Andrea Erne was born in 1958 in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied German, politics and cultural studies and began her career as an editor for a daily newspaper. She then moved to a large children's book publisher, and later began working freelance as an editor and author for book publishers and newspapers.

The Illustrator

Marion Kreimeyer-Visse was born in 1964 in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany. She studied graphic design with an emphasis on book illustration at the technical university in Münster. She has been a freelance illustrator of children's books since 1991, working with a number of publishers of textbooks and children's books. Marion Kreimeyer-Visse lives with her husband and two children near Münster. With her pictures, she would like to "answer children's myriad questions about everyday life and provide them great pleasure in observing and discovering."

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