This is Isy! (volume 1): Hand Lettering, Upcycling and New Friendships

Ist doch Isy!, Band 1: Von Handlettering, Upcycling und neuen Freundschaften

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  • Sketchbook novel about perseverance with DIY instructions

  • The launch of a new series for everyone who loves creativity and craft projects
  • Volume 2 will be published in spring 2024
192 pp 10 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 11.99 May 2023 Hardcover 978-3-473-40890-0


Isy has to move! Fortunately, she has her creativity to help her get by. Her new classmate Fee and sweet Moritz think her ideas are super cool. If only there wasn’t also Sissi, who makes Isy’s life miserable. Moritz’s interest in Isy doesn’t suit Sissi at all. She has a crush on Moritz herself, and gets so jealous that she determines to do anything it takes to win him over. When Sissi’s expensive fountain pen disappears, she spreads a rumor around the entire class that Isy took it, and that she left her previous school because she had stolen things there, too. At first Isy is completely disappointed and discouraged, but in the end, with the help of her new friends Fee and Moritz, Isy is able to uncover the lies and get Sissi to tell the truth.

The Author

Annette Neubauer, born in 1963, preferred reading thrilling books as a child rather than playing with dolls. After graduation she studied and got her Master degree in history, German and Russian. In 2000 she became self-employed with a pedagogical practice and began her activity as a writer. Since then, she has published numerous books that have already been translated into many languages. In 2009 she finally took the plunge and now lives as a freelance children's book author.