Things to Find: My Things to Find Advent Calendar

Mein Sachen suchen Adventskalender

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  • 24 mini cardboard picture books from the Things to Find series
  • Large variety of topics
  • Images with many details to find and explore
8 pp 2 years + 33,5 x 44 cm EUR 19.99 July 2021 Calendar/ Christmas Calendar 978-3-473-41637-0


24 doors with tiny cardboard picture books from the successful “Things to Find” series are hidden in an atmospheric image featuring a Christmas market. In addition to all kinds of Christmas topics, various favourite subjects are waiting to be discovered, adding up to a cardboard picture book library that shortens the wait for Christmas and will surely also gain a permanent spot in your child’s room.

About the Series

The popular books from the successful “Things to Find” series allow children as young as 2 to playfully explore the world. These books about the most important topics for children feature numerous images of things to find on the edges of the pages, encouraging children to recognise and name things. Incidentally, this also inspires them to freely tell their first stories, optimally supporting language acquisition. Finding items in the search-and-find images provides children with a first sense of achievement and boosts their confidence.