The Oath of the Goddess (Vol. 2): Before Destiny

Der Schwur der Göttin, Band 2: Before Destiny

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  • Romantic urban fantasy about Roman gods and an impossible love
512 pp 14 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 19.99 November 2021 Hardcover 978-3-473-40210-6


As the descendant of a Roman goddess, Nayla is having quite a few problems: first of all, her ancestor’s rival has sworn to kill her. Secondly, this means Nayla is under constant guard. And thirdly, she must not fall in love under any circumstances because the consequences would be deadly. But Nayla’s feelings for the mysterious Cyrian are getting stronger every day. And even though she is desperately trying to stay away from him, the cruel noose her archenemy has fashioned keeps getting tighter and tighter.

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