The Dragon out of the Blue Egg

Der Drache aus dem blauen Ei

  • An Easter egg in winter? Anja can't believe her eyes when she finds the blue egg in the snow. But at home with the Lukas family, it's not a chick that hatches from the egg, but a small dragon. The tiny creature prefers to eat lavender ice cream and bathe in hot water noodles are cooked in, instead of spewing fire...
224 pp 7 years + 17,5 x 24 cm EUR 14.99 August 2012 Hardcover 978-3-473-36847-1


In January, Anja finds a blue egg in the snow at a park: this egg giggles and changes colors. All of a sudden, a small white dragon hatches from the egg, and it can even talk! The Lukas family takes him in and names him Lavundel. And thus begins a year full of adventures, because it's not exactly easy to hide a spirited little dragon from the view of curious neighbors!
Lavundel has an awful lot to learn, such as flying and how to spout fire, but fortunately Anja and her brothers, Bo and Alexander, are the world's best dragon trainers. They organize nightly flying lessons on the old glider airfield and spend the summer in Turkey, where Lavundel befriends some dolphins. In autumn, Lavundel sets the most beautiful apple tree in the neighbors' garden on fire. And at Christmas the family has no choice but to celebrate Christmas around a potted palm tree instead of a real Christmas fir. One thing is for sure: there won't be anything boring about this year for the Lukas family!
With each season Lavundel changes not only his color, but also his eating habits, which presents an enormous challenge for the family. At the end of December, Lavundel finally has to say goodbye to his new friends, because on New Year's Eve his dragon family will return to the city park and pick up Lavundel on their way to Siberia.

The Author

Nina Blazon, born in 1969, studied Slavic and German Studies and completed an internship in the field of editing. She taught at several universities, wrote copy for an advertising agency for four years, and has been a freelance journalist for daily newspapers and magazines. Since 2003 she has written books for children and teens in the genres of fantasy, historical fiction and mysteries. With her books, Nina Blazon aims to take her readers along on dazzling, exciting journeys from which they return exhilarated and inspired. The author lives and works in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The Illustrator

Dorota Wünsch was born in 1962 in the Polish city of Lodz. She studied at the art academy in her hometown for three years and in 1984 moved to Mainz, Germany, where she continued her study of art, graduating in 1992. Today the mother of three is a freelance illustrator and lives with her family in Saarbrücken. Dorota Wünsch enjoys going to the movies and the theater in her free time, and names reading as a third passion, which has expanded to include children’s and teen literature since she has had her own children.

Rights Sold

Russian, Turkish