Storm Daughter (Vol. 3): Forever United

Sturmtochter, Band 3: Für immer vereint

  • Finale of the dramatic romantic fantasy trilogy about love caught up in a battle among the forces of nature.
  • The first two books in the series have sold more than 20,000 copies
448 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 14.99 October 2019 Softcover 978-3-473-58540-3


Abandoned by her friends, Ava has to confront the elementars alone until she gets help from an unexpected source. Despite all of the bans and taboos, she and Lance grow closer again. But the lines between the clans are deeply entrenched, and soon the threat of war seems imminent. Lance is torn between his obligations to his clan and the woman he loves.

The Author

Bianca Iosivoni, born in 1986, is an active author (both through publishing companies and self-published) and blogger, and has many enthusiastic readers and fans through social media. When she isn’t working on a new idea for a book, she composes entries for the author blog She remains in constant contact with her readers through her website,, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.