Storm Daughter (Vol. 1): Forever Forbidden

Sturmtochter, Band 1: Für immer verboten

  • At the age of 17, Ava learns she is the last member of the Water Clan, one of five secret clans that were given power over the elements in ancient times. She must learn how to control her powers, or she will become an elementar, a brutal creature that must be hunted down and destroyed. Between her forbidden love for Lance from the Energy Clan and her desperate attempts to not be overwhelmed by her powers, Ava’s life is anything but normal.

  • Over 14.000 copies sold
480 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 14.99 June 2018 Softcover 978-3-473-58531-1


When the first people came to Scotland, five clans were given power over the elements. Even today, the families of the Water, Fire, Energy, Earth, and Air are the most powerful on the island and their abilities are passed on from generation to generation. What was originally a gift, however, seems to have become a curse, as more and more clan members are overwhelmed and controlled by their abilities. These unfortunate ones are banned, lose their humanity, and are hunted down and destroyed. Violent clashes between the clans are becoming more frequent. The life of clan members and the relationships between them are ruled by strict codes of conduct provided and controlled by a secret tribunal.
The people living on the Isle of Skye know nothing about the clans, including 17-year-old Ava, even though by night she hunts creatures her father calls “elementars”. They killed her mother in a “sea storm” when Ava was still a child. Trained by her father from an early age, now she escapes from home almost every night to hunt elementars with the mysterious Lance, the only one besides her father who knows of their existence. Ava does not even dare to speak about them with Brianna, her best friend. Honestly, who would believe her?

But things are changing on the isle. The elementars’ numbers are increasing, and with them earthquakes, storms, and climatic changes. The people are aware that something strange is happening. But not only on the isle things are changing. Ava is increasingly aware that her moods can influence the weather, and even the ocean.
When she meets Raid, a young man from the Fire Clan, she hears about the clans for the first time, and is shocked to realize she is herself an element ruler, the very last member of the Water Clan, believed to be eradicated.
Slowly and gradually she discovers her powers, but she cannot control them. The tribunal decides to have Raid help and control her. When Ava uses her power and the attempt goes awry, Lance comes to her aid. Lance is a Storm son, a member of the Energy Clan, and relationships between the clans are forbidden. Because when elemental powers mingle, uncontrollable natural forces are unleashed…

The Author

Bianca Iosivoni, born in 1986, is an active author (both through publishing companies and self-published) and blogger, and has many enthusiastic readers and fans through social media. When she isn’t working on a new idea for a book, she composes entries for the author blog She remains in constant contact with her readers through her website,, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.