Soul Mates (Vol. 1): Whispering of the Light

Soul Mates, Band 1: Flüstern des Lichts

  • In book one of this two-part romantic urban fantasy story, Rayne learns that the world consists of light and shadow souls and gets caught up in their struggle when the handsome and mysterious Colt comes to her aid. They are soul partners, a bond that could save them, or be their undoing.
480 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 14.- August 2017 Softcover 978-3-473-58514-4


Rayne lives in a small town near Chicago, blissfully unaware of the continual struggle between light and shadow souls going on all around her. They have special powers and live among humans, who sometimes fall victim to them. One night she is attacked by a shadow soul, and two men come to her aid and kill the attacker. In spite of her outrage about the killing, Rayne is intensely drawn to the younger of the two, who are light souls. Colt is handsome, mysterious, and irresistible – and he seeks out Rayne, too. Rayne finds herself caught up in the contest between the worlds of light and darkness. Colt and Rayne are soul partners, and Colt belongs to the light. Rayne isn’t sure where she stands, but she has to decide, and the connection between them could either save them or destroy them both.

The Author

Bianca Iosivoni, born in 1986, is an active author (both through publishing companies and self-published) and blogger, and has many enthusiastic readers and fans through social media. When she isn’t working on a new idea for a book, she composes entries for the author blog She remains in constant contact with her readers through her website,, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.