Reading Raven (Level 1): The coolest cowboy in the world

Leserabe - 1. Lesestufe: Der coolste Cowboy der Welt

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  • - A gripping, age-appropriate cowboy story
48 pp 6 years + 17,6 x 24 cm EUR 8.99 January 2019 Hardcover 978-3-473-36567-8 • With stickers.


Billy Bo wanted to be a cowboy ever since he was a child. He loves riding rodeos and ends up winning the prize money for bull riding. Before celebrating, he takes his money to the bank. At the saloon, someone tells Billy that the bank has been robbed and the thieves are on the run. Billy wants to take up pursuit immediately. But where should he look? Billy meets a Native American named “Beautiful Day” who luckily knows how to track. At first, Billy wants to ride out by himself, but that’s a hopeless endeavour. The Native American finds out that the thieves are the Bart Brothers, but he and Billy lose track of them. With the help of smoke signals, they learn where the bandits are hiding, and with a trick and the help of his lasso, Billy unceremoniously captures the robbers.

About the Series

The Reading Raven series is designed to encourage beginning readers by providing fun and exciting stories at each ability level, from their first efforts at reading alone to more advanced chapter books Each Reading Raven book includes reading riddles, puzzles to solve using information in the story. This is a fun way to check how well children understand what they read. The first level features short texts with lots of pictures that provide clues to the story's meaning. These books are written in extra-large print. When children are ready for longer stories, the second level of Reading Raven offers short chapter books, also in large print with illustrations that help readers follow the text. The third level is for readers who are becoming proficient, with longer chapters and increasingly complex stories, but still with accompanying pictures and highly readable print.

The Author

Katja Reider studied German and publishing and for many years was press speaker for the "Youth Research" competition in Hamburg, Germany. She became an author after the birth of her own children and has since then published numerous books for children and young people, many of which have been translated into other languages.

The Illustrator

Dominik Rupp was born in Ulm in September 1989, and in 2014 earned a degree in Design with a concentration in Illustration. Even as a student he already started his freelance career, working for numerous renowned publishers. Today he lives and works in Aachen.