My World is Full of Life – My Favorite Search-and-Find Book

ministeps: Meine Welt ist kunterbunt

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  • At the kindergarten or in the market square – there is so much to discover everywhere!

  • A vivid search-and-find-book featuring recurring characters
  • Brief rhymes inspire children to discover many stories
  • Handy format, ideal for on-the-go
16 pp 24 months + 16 x 16 cm EUR 7.99 November 2022 Board Book 978-3-473-30281-9


There is so much going on in this bustling city! On the way to kindergarten, the police are rushing to an emergency. And a postal worker flies past on a bicycle. Each page features detailed search-and-find-scenes with many stories waiting to be discovered. If you pay close attention, you may encounter certain city dwellers again and again. Short rhymes motivate children to look and search closely.

About the Series

ministeps are made especially for very young children gaining their first experiences with books and toys. The products in the ministeps® program are uniquely designed to correspond to the physical, mental and emotional abilities of babies and very young children, ranging in age from infants to 36 months.

The Author

Kathrin Orso spent her childhood in Landshut, Bavaria. Inspired by the books by Enid Blyton her big dream was to found a detective gang. Since this dream didn't come true, she started writing down her own adventure stories. In 2018 she became a freelance writer. In addition to youth novels and reading stories she writes lyrics for children's songs, picture books and comics.

The Illustrator

Martina Kohl studied Visual Communication in Berlin, Germany, and has been an illustrator of children's books for many years. She is happy when children recognize their own everyday lives in her illustrations, especially when her work sparks their imagination.