My Big Lights Search-and-Find Book: At the Farm

Mein großes Lichter-Wimmelbuch: Auf dem Bauernhof

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  • Innovative search concept with lights that allow children to check their results
  • Sturdy push buttons light up more than 50 lamps in the book
  • Features search-and-find images with many details for endless searching fun
12 pp 2 years + 19,5 x 22,8 cm EUR 17.99 October 2021 Board Book 978-3-473-41041-5 • With light effect.


This farm book is teeming with details, allowing children to discover many fascinating animals.
Two goat kids are frolicking in a field. Three moles are burrowing in the garden. And five little chicks are hiding in the chicken run. Can you find them all?
More than 50 lights will help you find them. Simply press the colorful buttons at the bottom of the book! Little lamps will light up and show you where the piglet, the watering cans and the little lambs are hiding.
Along the way, the little ones will learn to name the farm animals and be inspired to make their first attempts at counting.

The Author

Sandra Grimm began her career as an editor and is now a freelance author. Her background as a certified teacher offers a sound basis for her books for children and teenagers. She has three young children with whom she can test all her fun ideas.

The Illustrator

Naples is my city. This is where I live, this is where I used to fill sheets, notebooks and diaries with my drawings when I was a child. After studying architecture, I realised that what I liked a lot more than straight lines and square corners was curved, soft pencil strokes, a magic wand that was capable of narrating my imagination in a blank space. These days, illustrating texts for children is my job; paper and pencil have given way to tablet and digital pen, but the passion and the feeling are still the same.