Meet Me In Maple Creek

Maple-Creek-Reihe, Band 1: Meet Me in Maple Creek

  • Profound new adult romance set against a beautiful autumn backdrop
480 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 14.99 August 2022 Softcover 978-3-473-58631-8


Suddenly, Mira's life in Maple Creek is no longer what it used to be – out of nowhere, she has a twin brother that she doesn't know anything about. At his side is his best friend Joshka, whose scars tell Mira that they played by different rules in his world of the New York underground scene. Despite her doubts, she's drawn to him, and slowly Joshka begins to let his guard down. But his past has followed him to Maple Creek like a dark shadow.

The Author

Alexandra Flint was born near Hanover in 1996 and now lives with her husband in the heart of Munich. After studying electrical engineering and information technology, she now devotes herself entirely to literature. In addition to writing, she blogs about books and her author life on Instagram or travels around the world with a backpack and tent. Her favorite genres include everything that has to do with fantastic worlds, deep emotions, tension and magic, just as her heart is attached to dark secrets, twisted fates and characters who always outgrow themselves. More about the author on Instagram @alexandra_nordwest