Matching Night (Vol. 1): Do You Kiss the Enemy?

Matching Night, Band 1: Küsst du den Feind?

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  • A romantic thriller in a school setting: A venerable, elite college, glamorous balls, and a dangerous matching game are packed into an extremely thrilling tale.
352 pp 14 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 16.99 January 2021 Hardcover 978-3-473-40201-4


Every student at the elite St. Joseph’s College in the UK is familiar with the two time-honored student associations, the Ravens, and the Lions. Their glamorous matching balls – the Matching Nights – are the stuff of numerous legends. Nineteen-year-old Cara isn’t actually interested in them at all. She has her hands full working two part-time jobs to pay for school. But when the Ravens unexpectedly offer her free housing, she doesn’t hesitate for long. Her acceptance in the association, however, is tied to one condition: At the next Matching Night, Cara has to take part in a competition with one of the Lions as her partner. If they win, she receives a scholarship that will put an end to Cara’s financial worries once and for all. When Cara finds out that her Matching Night partner will be Josh, the unapproachable son of the president of the United States, of all people, her emotions finally spin out of control. Hot sparks are already flying between her and Josh, even as Cara is increasingly drawn to her classmate Tyler.
Soon Cara notices that this is the least of her problems because much darker things are going on behind the scenes. What really happens at the extravagant balls thrown by the Ravens and Lions? And what is behind all the rumors about a girl who disappeared and hasn’t been seen since the last Matching Night?

About the Series

Ravens and Lions: Stories about the two legendary student associations at St. Joseph’s College abound. When Cara is unexpectedly invited to join the Ravens, she can hardly believe her good luck. But there is one odd condition: At an association party – Matching Night – Cara is supposed to pretend she’s part of a couple with a complete stranger. She doesn’t suspect that she will lose more than just her heart while playing this game…

The Author

Stefanie Hasse is not only a successful author, but has also made a name for herself as a book blogger. When she’s not immersed in various worlds through books, she dreams up romantic stories and enjoys surprising her readings with unexpected twists and turns. She has won over many readers with her books for teens and long lines form at her book signing events. Stefanie Hasse lives in southern Germany with her husband and book-obsessed children.

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