Lookalike Agency (Vol. 1): Double Crush

Doppelgänger-Agentur, Band 1: Double Crush

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  • New adult romance with lots of humour

  • For all fans of “Kiss Me Once”: humour meets heartache
  • Volume 2 to be published in spring 2024
448 pp 16 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 14.99 September 2023 Softcover 978-3-473-58626-4


The Inc.ognito Agency is the best lookalike agency in Los Angeles, providing celebrities with their perfect lookalike to stand in for them at dangerous events. 19-year-old hobby hacker Kolly had completely different plans for her summer: but now she’s forced to help out at the Inc.ognito Agency (which belongs to her mother) and teach celebrity lookalikes proper manners. Even though she has zero interest in the world of the rich and the beautiful, she has to teach the three lookalikes of a hot boy band the typical styling, phrasing and gestures of their originals. And all that as soon as possible because the real boy band has recently been attacked by fanatic fans who plan to abduct the musicians. However, the three attractive wannabes, who fancy themselves as stars in their own right, seem to be more interested in flirting with Kolly than in learning anything. Yet after a few days, Kolly is forced to admit that one of the lookalikes, Lincoln, leaves her anything but cold. But then she kisses one of the real singers in the mistaken belief that he is his lookalike Lincoln and chaos reigns supreme. Who does her heart truly beat for? Lookalike or actual pop star?

The Author

Nina MacKay began her writing career on the Wattpad online platform where she won multiple awards for her stories. She continues to write humorous novels for adolescents and young adults while working as a marketing manager in real life. Outside of work hours, she dreams up her own worlds and conducts imaginary interviews with her characters. Preferably with a few litres of coffee on hand. Rumour has it she used to work as a model and has won a number of beauty contests all over the world. However, writing has always been her favourite hobby. Three cheers for pseudonyms and modern technology, which mean that no part of this biography can ever be proven.