Lilly’s Magical Shoes: The Sea of Wishes. An Advent Calendar With Separable Pages

Lillys magische Schuhe: Das Meer der Wünsche. Ein Adventskalender mit auftrennbaren Seiten

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  • Lily’s Magical Shoes: The Sea of Wishes. An advent calendar with separable pages for each day of the Christmas countdown
192 pp 8 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 11.99 June 2022 Hardcover 978-3-473-40557-2 • With separable pages.


Monsieur Archibald the dragon is terribly homesick. So shoe maker Lily and her uncle Clemens Wunder decide to get him a very special Christmas present - Christmas with his family in France. Archibald is delighted! They also quickly find suitable lodgings for their adventure: an old castle right on the Atlantic coast, home to a whole colony of dragons.

About the Series

This shoemaker's workshop is full of magic! Here, you can buy shoes that make you faster, more courageous or more popular. But only children who are in real need of magical shoes can find Lilly Wonder's workshop, the dragon Archibald and Mrs Wu, the wise turtle.

The Author

Usch Luhn grew up in Austria. She studied communication studies in Berlin, trained as a screenwriter and film dramaturge, and has many years experience working in radio and children’s television. The author has written more than 30 books, many of which have been translated into other languages.

The Illustrator

Alica Räth is always very excited when Monsieur Archibald knocks on the small window of her loft in Abensberg. He brings her sketches by Lilly’s uncle Clemens and of course all the news from the magical shoemaker’s workshop. Alica has been drawing these magical shoes since she started studying at the Academy for Design in Rostock, often deep into the night, while the dragon sleeps next to her, tucked into the bookshelf.