Emily Seymour (Vol. 1): Necromancy for Beginners

Emily Seymour, Band 1: Totenbeschwörung für Anfänger

  • An enchanting magical world and a likeable, accident-prone heroine: a witty romantic fantasy for age 12 plus
416 pp 12 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 17.99 August 2022 Hardcover 978-3-473-40222-9


Of all the ways to start a new relationship, accidentally killing your crush has got to be the worst. But that’s precisely what happens to hapless necromancer Emily Seymour, who is now faced with the challenge of bringing Ashton back to life. But there’s more to his death than Emily realises, and it’s not long until she finds herself uncovering the biggest conspiracy the magical world has ever known – all with a bad-tempered undead companion by her side.

The Author

Jennifer Alice Jager was born in Saarland in 1985 and has been publishing children’s and young adult books since 2014. Her vivid imagination and her passion for books, animals and nature started in childhood. After she left school, she gave drawing lessons and exhibited her artwork in galleries. She then moved to Japan, where she truly discovered her love of writing for the first time. When she returned home, she soon made the decision to pursue a full-time writing career. In her free time, she still enjoys drawing, reading books of any genre and looking after her beloved animals.