Brushing Your Teeth

Zähne putzen

24 pp 2 years + 19 x 19 cm EUR 9.99 June 2018 Board Book 978-3-473-43757-3


It’s a universal dilemma: parents think teeth brushing is essential, children less so. Brushing Your Teeth shows youngsters what a pleasure it can be to brush your teeth. Having clean teeth is for everyone, from Dog and Monkey to Mouse and Crocodile. And it can be fun. Raccoon is nearly covered in toothpaste foam, Rabbit is goofy and cleans more than just its teeth, and Lion struggles with dental floss. Crocodile and Whale have their teeth cleaned by little helpers, and the elephant is a champion at rinsing and spitting. And in the end, the children brush their teeth, too… Humorous rhymes can be adapted to use in your teeth brushing routine.

The Author

Kathrin Orso spent her childhood in Landshut, Bavaria. Inspired by the books by Enid Blyton her big dream was to found a detective gang. Since this dream didn't come true, she started writing down her own adventure stories. In 2018 she became a freelance writer. In addition to youth novels and reading stories she writes lyrics for children's songs, picture books and comics.

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