Anna is Sick

Anna ist krank

  • - Important topics of being sick and visiting the doctor in one book - A familiar, every day story told with great humor - The popular character Anna helps readers identify with familiar situations
16 pp 2 years + 19 x 19 cm EUR 7.99 November 2018 Board Book 978-3-473-43782-5


Anna doesn’t feel well today at all. Her nose is running, her throat is scratchy, and she has a cough. Mama takes her and her little brother Moritz to the pediatrician. Anna gets a thorough examination, and fortunately she only has a bad cold. At home Anna rests, and she is already feeling better that evening. This book combines two important and emotional topics for children, being sick and visiting a doctor, in a story they can easily relate to.

The Author

After completing her training in elementary education, Regina Schwarz studied social pedagogy. It was during this time that she began to write poems. Apart from poetry, she has published numerous picturebooks. Regina Schwarz's goal in writing her own texts is to motivate people to read (aloud) and to inspire listeners to be creative themselves. Schwarz lives in the Rhineland, is married and has three grown sons.

The Illustrator

Catharina Westphal was born in 1971 in the Netherlands, but grew up in Germany. She studied graphic design with a focus on illustration. Since 1998 she has been a freelance illustrator for a variety of publishers and has published numerous highly successful picture books and children’s books. She lives with her family in Münster, Germany.

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