A Moment for Eternity (Vol. 1): The First Book of the Truth of Lies

Ein Augenblick für immer. Das erste Buch der Lügenwahrheit, Band 1

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  • June doesn’t believe in the old stories about legendary Cornwall when she decides to spend her last school year with her uncle in England. Once she arrives, however, she encounters not only a magnificent manor house full of mysteries, but also the dissimilar brothers Blake and Preston, to whom she is drawn like magic. Both of them seem to be keeping something from her, and while June’s forbidden feelings for the twins grow ever stronger, puzzling events unfold and entangle her even more. In one moment, everything is changed, and June notices an ancient gift awakening within her… This is the first book in a gripping new romantasy and mystery trilogy.
416 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 9.99 January 2021 Softcover 978-3-473-58594-6


June wants to spend a school year in England with her uncle and cousins. Even her arrival in legendary Cornwall doesn't go according to plan: her taxi has a flat tire and she has to ride on the back of a motorcycle behind Blake, who is not at all enthusiastic, but unbelievably attractive. He doesn't mention that he is her cousin. Only when they arrive at her uncle's manor house does she learn they are related, and also meet his brother Preston. Preston charms her with humor and empathy, while Blake is more of the dark, rebellious type.
The entire town seems to be under the spell of the fraternal twins' irresistible charms. One glance from their bright blue eyes is enough to manipulate people like marionettes. June is the exception, the only one immune to their allure, which visibly irritates the charismatic brothers but also compels them to vie for June's attention is a contest whose rules she doesn't understand.

At school, June makes friends and learns more about the twins. Ever since the mysterious death of a young woman they both loved, the twins haven't spoken to each other. June also discovers that her cousins aren't actually related to her, but were adopted by her uncle.
On a school outing to a Celtic stone circle, June suddenly feels something is different. She doesn't want to know anything about the old, local legend that would explain her symptoms until she develops an unsettling ability to look people in the eye and discern whether they are lying or telling the truth. June now sees more than she wants to, and stumbles across several secrets. Only Blake and Preston, whom she alternately draws close and pushes away, remain closed to her. With them, her gift doesn't work.
A fight between the brothers reveals their secret: they can get other people to lie or tell the truth. June is the only person they can't manipulate. They are both attracted to her, and June is torn between them, but continues to feel excluded because the twins are still withholding important information from her.

The Author

Behind the pseudonyms Rose Snow and Anna Pfeffer are Ulrike Mayrhofer and Carmen Schmit. As a team they write moving fantasy stories, self-published through Amazon, and have sold more than 500,000 books. "A Moment For Eternity" is their publishing house debut in the young adult branch under the best-selling pseudonym Rose Snow.