17 (Vol. 4): The Fourth Book of Memories

17, Das vierte Buch der Erinnerung

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  • - Number 1 seller in fantasy/romance on Amazon: the series has sold more than 120,000 copies - Fantasy, romantic love story, and thriller all in one: a young woman who suddenly has access to strangers’ memories
352 pp 14 years + 14 x 21 cm EUR 9.99 March 2019 Softcover 978-3-473-58538-0


The fraternity has been conquered. Jo can finally breathe and concentrate on her final exams and graduation. But when a cryptic prophecy comes to light and strange things start happening around them, Jo and Adrian can’t be sure if the danger has truly been banished. Even Conny and Finn seem to be involved in the strange incidents and the question arises: Who is a friend, and who is the enemy?

About the Series

Shortly before Jo's seventeenth birthday, strange images suddenly fill her mind. Puzzled at first, she realizes she has access to other people's memories. This has unexpected consequences and involves Jo in layer upon layer of mysteries. In this incredibly popular fantasy romance series, first published on Amazon, Jo must figure out what her unexpected ability means and who she really is.

The Author

Behind the pseudonyms Rose Snow and Anna Pfeffer are Ulrike Mayrhofer and Carmen Schmit. As a team they write moving fantasy stories, self-published through Amazon, and have sold more than 500,000 books. "A Moment For Eternity" is their publishing house debut in the young adult branch under the best-selling pseudonym Rose Snow.

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Russian, Ukrainian