12 (Vol. 1): The First Book of Midnight

12 - Das erste Buch der Mitternacht, Band 1

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  • Live your dreams – A magical, dreamy urban fantasy adventure by the bestselling writers
  • Vol. 2 of the duology to be published in June 2020
448 pp 14 years + 14,3 x 21,5 cm EUR 17.99 January 2020 Hardcover 978-3-473-40190-1


Ever since her friend Phoenix fell into a coma after they were in a car accident together, 19-year-old harper is plagued by guilt – by guilt and by nightmares in which she repeatedly encounters Cajus Conterville, the arrogant son of a businessman whom she otherwise only knows from the tabloids. When Harper is asleep, she seems to process strange experiences with Cajus that take her to a dark place full of secrets and feel way too real. Naturally, Harper is all the more surprised when Cajus suddenly turns up at Phoenix’ sick bed in real life and offers her a deal: a job for Harper’s unemployed mother – in return, Harper has to sleep with him. However, his offer is not about sex, it’s about co-dreaming. Harper allows herself to be persuaded and, together with Cajus, enters another world in her sleep: Noctaris – the very place she already knows from her nightmares. The power of this misty city far exceeds the limits of human imagination and infuses dreams with its magic every night at 12am sharp. Without Noctaris, which is ruled by the faceless family, dreams on earth would be bland. Completely taken in by this fantastical place, Harper helps Cajus fulfill his mission: to bring back both the faceless family’s abducted daughter and the stolen bible of dream symbols that is extremely important to Noctaris. A dream thief has stolen both, and this dream thief is none other than Phoenix, whose special powers have been transferred to Harper during the accident. Harper quickly needs to get her bearings in the magic city where dreams are a commodity. However, she doesn’t have much time because the bible’s trail is growing ever fainter, as is the life force of the girl they need to save – and for whom Cajus apparently harbours strong feelings. However, during their adventurous journey through Noctaris, Harper and Cajus get closer than intended. Reluctantly, Harper sees behind Cajus’ arrogant facade and begins to take a liking to him. When the two of them finally manage to free the girl from the captivity of a rebel group and rescue Phoenix from the labyrinth of drowsiness, Harper is almost killed by Phoenix – and learns that Cajus is the son of the faceless family who wanted to save his sister. Together, they manage to bring back the bible of dream symbols, thus protecting Noctaris from its very own nightmare.

The Author

Behind the pseudonyms Rose Snow and Anna Pfeffer are Ulrike Mayrhofer and Carmen Schmit. As a team they write moving fantasy stories, self-published through Amazon, and have sold more than 500,000 books. "A Moment For Eternity" is their publishing house debut in the young adult branch under the best-selling pseudonym Rose Snow.