1000 Dangers in the Sunken City

1000 Gefahren in der versunkenen Stadt

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  • Interactive adventures allow the reader to determine what direction the story will take, giving kids a greater stake in the outcome.
128 pp 10 years + 12,3 x 18 cm EUR 5.99 February 2020 Softcover 978-3-473-52590-4


You are participating in an international expedition in the modern metropolis of Alexandria, led by the world’s best underwater archaeologists. Your task: Exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Alexandria! However, you are not the only ones out there and the waters are teeming with predatory fish. Decide whether you’ll find the sunken city or whether you’ll have to fight for your life under water.

About the Series

An interactive approach to books: one title - many different stories! Because the readers themselves are the heroes in these stories, they are very likely to identify with them. The Thousand Dangers books have long been among the most successful titles in Ravensburger's program. The series will be continued with two new books every year.

The Author

Fabian Lenk was born in Salzgitter, Germany in 1963. He studied journalism and worked for various newspapers. In 1996 he published his first detective novel for adults. In the meantime he has become a seasoned mystery novel author and has published diverse mysteries for adults, historical children's mysteries as well as several volumes of mysteries to solve.

The Illustrator

Stefani Kampmann is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. "The Wave" is her first graphic novel.